Schiekelle Collu
Name: Schiekelle Collu
Character: Mr X's 'love interest' Marie
Since joining Know My Mind as an original cast member in 2014, I have been on a personal journey which has shaped and educated me on how mental health can affect anyone of us without prior warning, preduice or individual circumstances.

In the play, I portray a young woman  (Marie) who has recently been discharged into the community after her latest section which resulted in her loosing her home of 12 years and her two young children being taken into care during her absence.
Marie is featured twice throughout the play - on a psychiatric ward when sectioned and towards the end of the play in the waiting room whilst waiting for an appointment with her care cordinator. My character Marie highlights the ongoing effects mental health has one's life especially when she shares her experience of putting on weight and having "the shakes" due to her medication as well as feeling vulnerable, paranoid and of low self worth when she expresses professionals don't take her seriously even though she had "a job once, just like them."

One scene which particular stands out for me is the psychiatric ward. It's powerful mime will take the audience on a roller coaster  journey of self worth, hope and oppression. Through this scene alone, so many emotions such as disbelief, pity, strength and realism are evoked to allow the audience's mind to visit somewhere which may be spiritually challenging to many.