Nebenzial Mclean
Name: Nebenzial Mclean
Character: Mr. X
I’ve been with Know My Mind since 2014, right from the beginning. I am one of the original cast members.
I play Mr. X, the lead character. He’s three-dimensional, with a multitude of complexities – which includes the fact that he is just represented as a statistic. He is out there on his own in the world, blaming himself for all that’s happened in his life. Although he understands what’s happening and the consequences of his early life that led him to that moment in time, he still doesn't have his own agency to make his own decisions. Having said that, he does have enough agency to say what’s going on in his mind, through poetics. Playing Mr X has allowed me to be still in the midst of mental health tragedies in moments where I would have previously judged someone. Mr. X has told me something very important, especially as we are in the same age group and that mental ill health can happen to anybody.
One of the most striking moments in the play for me was in the scene when Mr. X is speaking to the social worker and she brushes off everything he says and does not take him seriously. Although he is speaking his truth, that truth does not coincide with what really happened. This is a massive moment for Mr. X and also me because it makes me think about the lack of control that we sometimes have in this world as individuals. Our situations depends on third parties, who sometimes don’t take in what your saying or believe your point to be a valid one.