Judy Harrison
Name: Judy Harrison
Characters: Nurse Susan, psychiatric patient, receptionist, and ‘a voice’
I have been a part of Know My Mind since it started in 2014.
In the opening scene, I play one of the 'voices', which portrays a real, raw aspect paranoid schizophrenia which is played out to present the initial stages of a 'breakdown'.
Then there’s Nurse Susan who is a Senior Mental Health Nurse who is extremely professional and would NEVER cross boundaries. ...or would she?
Playing a psychiatric patient who attempts to avoid taking medication is another role, and has been known to leave audience members confused about their own response to watching her movements on stage. And last, but not least, I play the receptionist in the waiting room...we will leave you to make your own opinion of this one when you watch the play!
The most moving part for me in this production is the poetry.. The spoken word monologues send chills each and every time.

(Read more from Judy,  a Clinical Supervisor Dramatherapist,  by visiting her blog  https://judyharrisondt.wordpress.com)