Health and Safety
1.1 Know My Mind aims to ensure that employees, clients and volunteers work or use Know My Mind services at all times in a safe and healthy environment.
1.2 Many aspects of health and safety at work and in the provision of services to members of the public are covered by Acts of Parliament, European Community legislation and Local Authority regulations. Know My Mind is required to comply with these and will ensure that information on them is available to employees and volunteers on request. Details are not included in this policy but can be found on the internet.
1.3 Employees, users of Know My Mind services and volunteers in our projects are all required to comply with the provisions of this policy.
2.1 Legal responsibility for health and safety within Know My Mind lies with the Director. Overall responsibility for ensuring the Health and Safety Policy is implemented is delegated to Know My Mind’s designated Health and Safety Co-ordinator. This is currently – To be appointed.
2.2 The Health and Safety Co-ordinator and safety representatives will be members of the Risk Management and Safety Sub-Committee of the Board of Directors and will report to that Committee.
2.3 A preliminary assessment will be carried out on all premises used by Know My Mind employees and volunteers.
2.4 Health and safety requirements will be considered in any action undertaken by Know My Mind, including the planning and development of new or existing services, the introduction of new activities and the reorganisation or relocation of any aspect of Know My Mind’s work. Those requirements and any risk involved will be communicated to all those taking responsibility in a particular situation (including outside contractors) and plans for dealing with the risk will be jointly made and monitored.
2.5 Any problems in implementing the policy, action needing substantial expenditure or major health and safety hazards not covered by this policy should be reported either to the Health and Safety Co-ordinator or to the Director, for consideration by the Risk Management and Safety Sub-Committee.
2.7 All employees and volunteers can access the policy which is available on our website at
3.1 The policy will be monitored through the six-monthly health and safety inspections [2.4] and subsequent report to the Risk Management and Safety Sub- Committee. The Sub-Committee will report in its turn to the Board of Directors.
3.2 Individual employees and volunteers can assist by reporting health and safety issues and potential risks to health and safety representatives.
4.1 Personal Safety: Know My Mind recognises the safety of people using services is a priority. It will do everything in its power to protect people from assault. It must also be recognised that individuals using services must be mindful of their own practices in maintaining the safety of themselves and others. Also, to act in a professional and responsible manner which does not have a negative impact on the organisation as a whole. It is the responsibility of everyone to inform a the Director immediately if volunteers or staff do not comply with the above.
4.2 Stress: The nature of Know My Mind’s work can be stressful. Know My Mind will do all it can to reduce work-related stress and to offer support to employees who are affected by stress.
4.3 Physical working environment: The work environment can also cause risk to the physical health of employees. Know My Mind will do all it can to ensure that premises utilised are kept in a safe and clean condition by the host organisation.
4.4 Smoking: All premises used by Know My Mind are non-smoking.
4.5 First Aid: Employees are strongly encouraged to undertake first aid training, which Know My Mind will fund.
4.6 Vaccination: Employees are encouraged to consider receiving necessary vaccinations, particularly hepatitis B.
4.7 Noise: Know My Mind will do its best to ensure that no aspect of its work causes noise nuisance or damage to other people.
5.1 Know My Mind has a duty to ensure that adequate precautions are taken in the premises that are used against fire. The person responsible for health and safety at each premises used is also responsible for fire safety for that building, including organising and recording fire drills.
6.1 Know My Mind will ensure that equipment, including electrical equipment, will be appropriately tested and maintained. Employees and volunteers will be instructed and trained in its use.
7.1 Accidents will be recorded in an accident book which can be obtained by the Director. When these are serious or may lead to recommendations for action they will be reported to the Risk Management and Safety Sub-Committee.
7.2 Accidents involving actual or potentially serious risk of harm to individuals and infectious diseases will be reported as required to the relevant statutory authority. The responsibility for reporting lies with the Director.
8.1 Health and safety will be a mandatory part of the induction of new employees. The Health and Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for arranging this.
8.2 Know My Mind will fund external training for the Health and Safety Coordinator and health and safety representatives.
8.3 The Health and Safety Co-ordinator is responsible for circulating information on health and safety matters to employees and volunteers. Employees and volunteers are expected to read what is circulated.
Created by the Board of Know My Mind – December 2015.