Forum Theatre Youth Project
In 2018, Know My Mind (KMM) was sponsored by Croydon BME Forum to design and deliver a ‘pilot’ theatre workshop about mental health.

The target audience was young people aged 12-15. 

KMM delivered the half-day workshop at Croydon Supplementary School on 16 June 2018 to 16 young people from the school.

The workshop aimed to:

1.) increase the level of awareness of mental health in the community in line with the current government reports that echo the need for early intervention to specifically target young people.

2.) explore mental health and wellbeing using forum theatre (reflective interactive drama to unravel complex issues)

3.) raise awareness of mental ill health using theatre with the future aim of incorporating this mental health educational model into the mainstream schools’ curriculum (locally and nationally).

KMM has produced a report providing a summary of the half-day event, its aims and the workshop’s design process (methodology). The report also provides an evaluation and set of future recommendations following the pilot.