1. 2 December 2018
    So U Think I'm Crazy? - live performance
    Tickets: £10 in advance (£12 on the door)
    Last performance of the year! Know My Mind brings So U Think I’m Crazy? back to Croydon to showcase the passion, pain and challenges of mental health. The emotive play will take you on a journey through the streets of London to a secure wing of a psychiatric unit. The drama - told through the eyes of a young black man - fuses music, dance and poetry in a hard-hitting story. The performance will be followed by a question and answer session led by a team of experts exploring the stigma of mental health and the challenges of accessing services and care. Expert panellists will include Eugene Ellis (director of the Black African and Asian Therapy Network); Dr Aggery Burke (leading psychiatrist, consultant and author on racism and mental health); and Dr Kirkpal Sahota (forensic psychiatrist). This event is funded by Croydon Council and supported by Croydon's Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Forum. It is also run in conjunction with Croydon Supplementary Education Project (CSEP) who will be showcasing book stalls, a children's literary fest and live entertainment by singers and poets between 5-7pm. (Watch our new trailer about the play - see below)
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    Past performances / presentations
    So U Think i'M CraZy? and other Know My Mind projects
    Mental Health Awareness Month - David Lean Film Screening and live theatre performance at Matthew's Yard, Croydon - (October 2018) Remembering Sean Rigg 10-year anniversary event (August 2018) Forum Theatre Youth Project, Croydon Supplementary School (June 2018) Forum theatre with the Home Treatment Team (mental health), Adult Social Services (London Borough of Southwark) - (March 2018) Gender Disparity in Mental Health - IWD 2018 at City Lit Adult Education Institute (8 March 2018) Dinner and dance mental health awareness - The MASG Foundation (Feb 2018) The Broadway, Catford, London - x2 live performances (Nov 2017) Ransom A.M.E. Zion Church in London (Oct 2017) OvalHouse Theatre, Oval, London (18, 20 and 21 Sept 2017) Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland (June 2017) The Blue Elephant, Camberwell, London (June 2017) Theatre Utopia @ Matthews Yard, Croydon (May 2017) Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham, London (Dec 2016) Rehoboth International Christian Centre (RICC), Croydon (Nov 2016) Theatre Utopia @ Matthews Yard, Croydon (Nov 2016) T-Chances Arts and Music Centre, Tottenham, London (Nov 2016) The Broadway, Catford, London (Oct 2016) 8th memorial anniversary of Sean Rigg, Karibu Centre, London (Aug 2016) Fairfield Halls, Croydon (Nov 2015) Brent Civic Centre, London (Nov 2015) International Conference of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Birmingham (Jun 2015) The Albany Theatre, London (Mar 2015) UNISON black members national conference, Brighton (Feb 2015) Film Screening Black History Month, David Lean Cinema Croydon (Oct 2014) The Lost Theatre, London (Oct 2014) Ortus Learning Centre, Maudsley Hospital, London (Oct 2014) Mitcham Open Air Festival, London (Aug 2014) Scratchley Hall, Croydon (July 2014) Winterbourne Youth Centre, Croydon (July 2014) Croydon ClockTower, Croydon – opening night (May 2014)