So U Think I'm CraZy?
Enthusiastic actors and actresses wanted for an emotive, edicatuonal play on mental health.

Join our cast for a string of live performances this year (2017).
We're a small London-based community threatre group that explores and showcases issues on  mental heath and the 'system' in Britain today.

Our piece of 'therapeutic theatre' uses rap, poetry dance and music to express mental ill health through the eyes if a young black male, taking the audience through the streets of London to th secure wing of a psychiatric hospital.

We are looking for people with or without acting experience but who are professional. Although an understanding about mental health issues would be desirable, it is not essential.

 ***Please note, that we are a voluntary organisation, which means we are unable to pay actors a salary. We will, however, be able to cover travel expenses for events and offer complimentary tickets to performances.***
So U think i'm craZy flier
Character profiles
Mr X
A black African, African/Caribbean Black British male is required to play the lead role. The play revolves around the lead person’s experiences being detained in a psychiatric hospital. As he journeys through the system he interacts with each cast member. The story unfolds via his interaction piecing together the complex puzzle and his story. The actor is required to demonstrate his ability to connect with the character and show his emotions of pain, anger and anxiety.

Police officer x2
A white male (any age) is required to play a police officer, who is arrogant aggressive and angry.

To apply email CV and reason why you are applying to [email protected]
About the play
  1. Audience feedback - So u think i'm crazy?
    Audience give thoughts about the play before and after the performance at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon on 25 November 2015. (Song: Bill Tankard)
  2. Trailer - So u think I'm crazy?
    A snap shot of the popular, hard hitting play by Know My Mind. (With thanks - song: Strange Fruits by Billie Holiday)