So U Think I'm CraZy?
“Who would have thought I would end up like this?” the powerful opening line in So u think I’m crazy? - a therapeutic theatrical production by Know My Mind.
The emotive drama explores the issues surrounding the mental health system in Britain today, told through the eyes of a young black man. Using rap, poetry, dance and music the multi-sensory experience takes the audience through the streets of London to the secure wing of a psychiatric hospital.
After the performance, a panel of Know My Mind representatives and other Mental Health professionals facilitate a discussion with audience participation.
Since its humble beginnings in 2014, the stage play has been featured in theatre houses and events across the UK gathering much attention from the media, performing arts community and organisations such as Mind. The play has also received rave reviews and endorsements from dignitaries, including the Mayor of Croydon and professionals from the Royal College of Psychiatry.
  • Andrea Cork (Artistic Director and Poet)
  • Shenan Chandler (Production and Marketing Manager)
  • Dr Ayonrinde and Dr Soma (Consultant Psychiatrists)
  • Tony Cealy (Creative Consultant)
  • Risq Animasaun (Community Worker for the Croydon Black Members Forum)
Want to audition for the 2016 play then go to Auditions .
So U think i'm craZy flier
About the play
  1. Audience feedback - So u think i'm crazy?
    Audience give thoughts about the play before and after the performance at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon on 25 November 2015. (Song: Bill Tankard)
  2. Trailer - So u think I'm crazy?
    A snap shot of the popular, hard hitting play by Know My Mind. (With thanks - song: Strange Fruits by Billie Holiday)
Meet the Cast
  1. Cast interviews 2014
    Meet the 2014 cast of So U think i'm CraZy?
  2. The journey...
    The journey of the play from May 2014 to 2015.
  3. Cast interview 2015
    Interview with Judy Harrison, Nebenzial McLean and Nicola Hunte.